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Water Sewer Fees

Water/Sewer bills are mailed quarterly - Feb, May, Aug and Nov

Current Rates  (5/8"meter)-Rates Effective August 2024

  • Water quarterly fee:  $61.69 and $6.60 per 1,000 gal
  • Sewer quarterly fee:  $72.95 and $8.50 per 1,000 gal 
Rates are discussed annually at the January City Council study session.  Any changes would not take effect until the August billing. 


Permit fees set by City Council on June 13, 1990; authority granted in Ordinance   3.8.
Amended 2023          
Water Connection Fee WRC Fees        

For anything larger than 1" the City will charge the connection fee plus the actual cost 
of the connection on a time and materials bases.

Sewer Connection Fee         WRC Fees
Water Meter 5/8"          $370.00
Water Meter 1"         $590.00
Work Order         WRC Fees
Penalty   for failing to call for an inspection       WRC Fees
Cross connection fee         WRC Fees
Base Plate Replacement                              $60.00
Replacement Meters Install Fee - Plus cost of water meter per size  WRC Fees
Drains   (storm drain underground or above ground) Charge when doing ROW   improvements
    4" = $30 6" = $40 8" or more = $50

Water turn-off/on fee when water is turned off due to nonpayment.

  • During regular hours-WRC Fees
  • After regular hours-WRC Fees
  • Holidays-WRC Fees
Late Notices-Hand Delivered


For any resident or business who wants their meter tested for accuracy:

  1. The complainant must be present during the entire procedure, including removing the meter,
  2. The fee will follow WRC fees