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Liquor License Applications

The process for Alcohol services within the City of Sylvan Lake has several steps.  Please read through the process carefully and contact City Hall should you have any questions.  Three key things need to be done to seek approval for the sale of alcohol within the City. This process can take at least 60 days to complete but without complete information it will take longer.

Step One

Purchase and transfer of an alcohol/liquor license to a business in the City.  This process involves the state only (MLCC).

State of Michigan LARA

Step Two

Complete and submit the liquor license applications found on our website – Application Part 1 (A&B) and Application Part 2 (C), under the “I Want To”, “Apply For” tab.  You will also have to submit a $1,000 application fee.  These applications are very detailed and must be completed fully. 

Step Three

Apply for a Site Plan Review for special land use to sell alcohol.*  If you’re going to apply for outdoor seating, it would also be a part of the Site Plan Review.  It is important to review Chapter 3 (ALCOHOL) of the code of ordinances to make sure all of the questions are addressed in your site plan.

Alcohol Ordinance

Below is a check list for your reference to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is in order before submission for approval of Alcohol Services within the City of Sylvan Lake

Check List

Class C Liquor License from the State of Michigan
Application A, B and C completely filled out
Site Plan Review form completed in its entirety
$1575 for application fees ($1,000 application fee & $575 plan review)
$1000 bond as required per the Site Plan Review.
*Additional fees may be added at a later time.

After submission for Alcohol Services, a review will be completed by the City Manager.  You will be contacted and informed how to proceed from that point.