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Dock Spaces

Boat Dock Spaces

The city has about 166 Boat Dock Spaces around the lake. There is still a wait list for Dock Spaces, but it has decreased tremendously this year. When you become a property owner or resident you may sign up to be added to the list. Once you obtain a space it is yours for as long as you are a resident, but you must renew it every year. You need not renew your spot on the waiting list every year. The city maintains a boat ramp next to the Oakland County Boat Club on Ferndale. You must purchase a key for $50.00 to unlock the chain at the ramp, and you are responsible to see that it is locked after each time you open it. The charge for a boat dock space is set by City Council and increases yearly. If you are sharing your space with another resident that resident must pay the same fee per the schedule. Both of these include a park tag, boat ramp key and a sports tag. All watercrafts at the dock space must have a current year sticker issued by the city. The Legal Lake Level is set at 928.7 during the summer months. During the winter months, the level drops to 927.5. Dock Policy, Fee Schedule, Marine Safety Ordinance