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Boat Dock Wait List

The Boat Dock Wait List is the beginning process to obtaining a City Boat Dock Space.  Once the form has been filled out and the fee submitted your name will go on the list. This initial fee is non refundable.  You will be contacted once your name has reached the top of the list.  Once you have been contacted you have three options.  First, If you choose to take a boat dock, you will have to submit the appropriate forms and fees.  Your second option is to NOT take a spot. At this time a new form and fee must be submitted in order to stay on the list.  Your name will then go to the bottom of the list and you will have to wait until your name comes to the top again to decide what step you take at that time.The final option you have is to have your name removed from the list.

If you have already submitted your form and fee, please view the list below to see your placement.