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Political Sign

According to the City’s Sign Ordinance, Temporary signs are defined in the ordinance as a display sign, banner or other device constructed of cloth, canvas, fabric, plastic or other light temporary materials, with or without a structural frame, or any other sign intended for a limited period of display that is not permanently anchored to the ground or a building. This includes garage sale, real estate, election, directional, etc. The Ordinance prohibits the placement of temporary signs on City property and in the Road Right of Way (“ROW”). The ROW includes the actual roadway as well as a certain amount of space from the edge of the road onto the adjoining or adjacent property. The ROW is not the same in all parts of the City of Sylvan Lake, but it generally ranges between 10 to 15 feet from the edge of the pavement.

The City wishes to remain consistent in the enforcement of its code of ordinances and to maintain the health, safety, and welfare of the City and its residents – and in particular, to preserve even traffic flow and traffic sight lines. Therefore, please be advised that Temporary signs must follow:

  • Maximum display area of sign - Unlimited so long as total square footage does not exceed 24 square feet. No one sign shall be greater than six square feet
  • Maximum height - 6 feet
  • Must be located 5 feet from any lot line
  • Maximum display time - 65 days.  After this time expires, the sign shall be removed.  Once the temporary sign is removed, there shall be a gap of at least thirty (30) days between display of the same temporary sign on the same zoning lot.
Signs may not be placed:

 *In a manner that will hinder or obstruct the view of vehicles or pedestrians;
 *Along, or in front of the boulevards on Garland, City Parks, Community Center or any other City-owned properties.

Your cooperation is appreciated