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BenchHow Do I Donate To the City?

We always graciously accept financial donations.   Donations take the burden off the general fund and allow more “things” to happen in the City.  All donations to the City are tax deductible.  You can earmark your funds to something general like, parks and recreation, or Memorial Day parade, Public Safety, or beautification.  Or they can be more specific – Family Fun day, or shop with a hero, hosted by the police department is an example.  Or any of the individual events.

If you are interested in donating toward a specific physical item, that item must be approved by the City.  


You can purchase a bench, or donate toward the purchase of one, to be placed in one of our parks, or along the Clinton River Trail, in memory or honor of a friend or relative.  We only use one type of bench with the hope of having them all match in the near future.  The donor can choose text to be placed on a 3” x 10” plaque on the back of the bench.  The donor will have input on the location, but both the final location and wording are subject to approval for appropriateness by the City.  Currently the cost of a bench, including the concrete pad, is $1,600. Click here for the application

Tree_donationDONATING A TREE

You may choose to donate a tree to be planted in one of our parks following our sponsorship and donation policy.  We have a landscape plan for our boulevards, and we are working on a landscape plan for our parks.  That will assist in determining species of tree and possible planting locations.  You are encouraged to suggest a type and location, but the final decision will be made by the City.  A tree may be planted in the Road right-of-way (ROW) in front of your home following the ROW policy with the type and location being approved by the City.  Plaques or markers are not allowed with donated trees.  Click here for the tree donation application.

DO NOT place or plant anything on City property without permission. It will be removed and disposed of.