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Programs available to Oakland residents this month.

Oakland County MSU programs can range from quick 30-minute sessions during the noon hour to a series with multiple meeting dates. Where possible, we note whether an event will be held in-person or online. Most programs are free but a few do come with registration and material fees.

This month's program guide includes listings for programs and special events including:

  • Citizen Planner (February 28)
  • Winter camp at MSU Tollgate farm (for youth, February 19 - February 20)
  • Surviving and thriving on a fixed income (February 7)
  • MI AG Ideas to Grow With (February 19 - March 1)
  • Forgiving and Letting Go (February 29)
  • Great Lakes Day: Celebrating Science and Water (February 27)
  • Michigan Cottage Food Law (February 15)
  • and many, many more!  Fore more details click here