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Second Meter for Outdoor Use

Installation Requirements for a Second Meter for Outdoor Use Only

For those residents that use water for irrigation, watering flowers, washing cars, etc., they are encouraging the installation of a second meter to reduce that cost and pay for water only.

Plumbing modifications must be made prior to installing the second meter.  To split the water line before the current meter, put another meter in and have that line for outside use only.  You  still have the meter for water used inside the house. The homeowner can do the work or a plumber could be contracted.  The plumber or the homeowner must obtain a plumbing permit through Bloomfield Township to make sure the plumbing is correct.  After approval from the plumbing inspector, the City must be contacted so that the process can be finalized.  (photo of how to install meters)
If you have, or are installing, an irrigation system, it requires a separate permit and must be inspected for backflow prevention.

The cost to the resident or property owner currently is: 

  • Water Meter purchased from the city (5/8" $370, 1" $590)
  • Plumbing Permit, pulled through Bloomfield Twp. ($70 for permit, includes 1 inspection)
  • A copy of your receipt for purchase of meter will have to be shown at Bloomfield Twp.
  • Within 30 days of purchasing a meter; plumbing must be installed and approved (Blm Twp) the City will inspect for proper connection ($20 work order fee) and finalize the process.
  • We also encourage you to submit your email address so that you can monitor the usage of the second meter.

The on-going cost of the second meter will be the normal cost of water with rates established by City Council from time to time.  There will be no charge for sewage disposal since the water will not enter the sewer system.