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Code of Ordinances

Our Code of Ordinances/Charter offers excellent search engines that help citizen's find important information quickly.  Please view our Sylvan Code.  To view other communities, type in Click on the ONLINE LIBRARY then choose your STATE on the map or the drop down menu, lastly choose a County, Town, or City in your area to view. Type whatever you are seaching for in the search box and it will bring up all related topics. Newer Ordinances which haven't been codified will be added to this link soon.

Code_picNew look to the Code:CodeBank Compare allows you to view and compare past versions of our code.  The differences between the two versions will be shown via highlights and strikethroughs.  Online users will be able to access CodeBank Compare by simply turning on the "Show Changes" button at the top right side of the webpage OR by clicking the new CodeBank Compare Tab in your Table of Contents.

eNotify empowers users to enroll online and receive email notifications each time your online code is updated by Municode.