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The Interurban

The first interurban railroad service in Oakland County, which operated from Pontiac to Sylvan Lake, Began service on October 1, 1895.

The peak of popularity for this streetcar ridership was 1912. In July when everyone wanted to go to the beach, 200 persons rode to Sylvan Lake on one trip. Half-hour service was set between two and nine p.m.

In August 1930, fares from Pontiac to Sylvan Lake were increased to 10 cents or 12 tickets for one dollar. Service ended in 1932, and the tracks along Garland were removed for scrap metal during World War II.

interurThe route to Sylvan Lake started from Grand Trunk Depot at Jackson Street in Pontiac, traveled north on Saginaw to Huron and west on Huron to Telegraph, then south to Sylvan Lake and along Garland to Pontiac Drive. The trip from Detroit took about 45 minutes.

The late James Durfee is pictured waiting for the interurban at the corner of Oakwood and Garland. He recalled that he and his friends would ride under the seats just for kicks. Among those who used to greet the children coming to the Free Press Camp on the Interurban were Blanche Fezzey Graf and Daisy Worley.

Many Sylvan Lake residents recall that the house at the corner of Lakeview and Cheltingham was the Interurban depot. You can visualize where the ticket window was at the side of the Interurban_Trolley_that_ran_down_Garland__Notice_Sylvan_Lake_listed__Trolley_ran_from_1895_to_1928house.