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Presidential Primary Election      March 10, 2020

THE POLLS will be open 7 o' clock a.m. until 8 o' clock p.m.
 PCT 1 - Sylvan Lake Community Center, 2456 Pontiac Dr., Sylvan Lake, MI 48320 

FOR THE PURPOSE OF NOMINATING Republican and Democratic candidates for the President of the United States.

Presidential primary is limited to eligible candidates who affiliate with the two major political parties, the Democratic and Republican Parties. This will determine which candidates for Office of President will go on the General Election ballot on November 3, 2020.

You will select one ballot type: 
Democratic Party Presidential Primary Ballot  Sample ballot: Pontiac District      West Bloomfield District
Republican Party Presidential Primary Ballot   Sample ballot:  Pontiac District     West Bloomfield District
Ballot without Presidential Primary (this choice is for voters who wish to vote on other proposals or uncommitted to any candidate)
Pontiac District    West Bloomfield District

Ballot proposals:

Proposal Section
Oakland County
Renewal of Oakland County Art Institute Authority Millage 

In 2012 the electors of Oakland County approved a 10-year millage to provide County residents with services from the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) through the Oakland County Art Institute Authority.

As a result of the millage, the DIA provides Oakland County residents with free K-12 school field trips including free transportation, free senior group programming with free transportation, and unlimited free general admission. To ensure transparency, the DIA submits to an annual independent audit and posts financial reports online.

To continue to provide revenue to the DIA, which will allow these DIA services for the residents of the County to continue, the Art Institute Authority is permitted by law to seek a renewal of the millage at a rate of no more than the current 0.2 mill (20 cents per $1,000 taxable value) on all real and personal property in the County. Revenue from this millage will be disbursed to the Art Institute Authority and then transferred to the DIA as permitted by and for the purposes set forth in Public Act 296 of 2010. It is estimated that if approved and levied, this millage renewal would generate approximately $13,600,000 in 2022.

Do you approve the renewal of the 0.2 mill on all taxable property located within the County for a period of 10 years from 2022 through 2031?

City of Pontiac School Bond Proposal
County of Oakland
State of Michigan

Shall the School District of the City of Pontiac, County of Oakland, State of Michigan, borrow the sum of not to exceed One Hundred Forty-Seven Million Dollars ($147,000,000) and issue its general obligation unlimited tax bonds, in one or more series, for the purpose of paying for the cost of the following projects: 

-Remodeling, equipping, re-equipping, furnishing, re-furnishing school buildings, athletic fields, playgrounds and other facilities for safety and security, heating, ventilation and cooling improvements and other purposes; 

-Erecting security entrances, classroom additions and other additions to existing school buildings and other facilities; 

-Acquiring and installing instructional technology infrastructure and equipment in school buildings and other facilities; and 

-Preparing, developing and improving sites at school buildings, playgrounds, athletic fields and other facilities for traffic control, safety and security and other purposes? 

The maximum number of years any series of bonds may be outstanding, exclusive of refunding, is not more than thirty (30) years; the estimated millage that will be levied to pay the proposed bonds in the first year is 2.0 mills (which is equal to $2.00 per $1,000 of taxable value); and the estimated simple average annual millage that will be required to retire each series of bonds is 2.0 mills annually ($2.00 per $1,000 of taxable value). 

If approved by the voters, the bonds will be guaranteed by the State under the School Bond Qualification and Loan Program (the “Program”). The School District currently has $0 of qualified bonds outstanding and $0 of qualified loans outstanding under the Program. The School District does not expect to borrow from the Program to pay debt service on these bonds. The estimated computed millage rate required to be levied to pay the proposed bonds may change in the future based on changes in certain circumstances. 

(Pursuant to State law, expenditure of bond proceeds must be audited, and the proceeds cannot be used for teacher, administrator or employee salaries, repair or maintenance costs or other operating expenses.)


This proposal, if approved by the electors, will renew the authority last approved by the electors in 2016 and which expires with the 2020 levy, for the School District to levy a building and site sinking fund tax at the reduced rate of 0.80 mills from the previously authorized rate of 2.87 mills. This proposal allows the use of proceeds of the millage for he construction or repair of school buildings. Pursuant to State law, the expenditure of the building and site sinking fund millage proceeds must be audited, and the proceeds cannot be used for teacher, administrator or employee salaries, maintenance or other operating expenses. 

Shall the limitation on the total amount of taxes which may be assessed against all property in School District of the City of Pontiac, County of Oakland, Michigan, be renewed in the amount of 0.80 mills ($0.80 per $1,000 of taxable valuation), for a period of five (5) years, being the years 2021 to 2025, inclusive, to create a building and site sinking fund to be used for the construction or repair of school buildings or for other purposes, to the extent permitted by law? This millage would provide estimated revenues to the School District of approximately Two Million One Hundred Forty Thousand ($2,140,000) Dollars during the 2021 calendar year, if approved and levied.